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Tucson Reptile Shop

Looking to buy feeder rats, mice or crickets in Tucson? We have them!

.05 cents a piece any size.

Adult $1
Nymph 50 cents
100 Mixed $18

Super and Meal Worms
50 $2.99

 Live Mice
Pinkies $1.19
Fuzzy $1.49
Hoppers $1.75
Adult $1.99

Pinkies $1.50
Fuzzies $1.99
Small $2.99
Medium $3.99
Large $5.99
Jumbo $7.99

Frozen Mice
Ex Small Pinkies $0.79
Pinkies $0.89
Fuzzies $0.99
Hoppers $1.09
Large Adults $1.35

Frozen Rats
Pinkies $1.25
Fuzzies $1.35
Small $2.49
Medium $3.49
Large $4.49
Jumbo $6.00

Live African Soft Fur Rats - Great for Ball pythons that won't eat
Pinkies $1.50
Fuzzies $1.75
 Hopper $2.25
 Adult $2.95
Large Adult $3.99

Tucson Reptile Shop


Great place to buy Rats, Mice, Crickets, Dubia Roaches, and more!

Come see what we have for sale!


We are working to expand the reptile store.  We want to make our reptile shop like walking into a small reptile museum. So keep visiting our Tucson Reptile shop to see more neat reptiles and more!

New Reptiles In Store

Water Monitors
New Ball Pythons
Albino Black Rat Snake
Het for Pie Ball Python
King Snakes
More Corn Snakes
Baby Yellow and Red Beardeds

and more! 

Tucsons reptile shop